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T3E - Chaire de recherche industrielle
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Nous remercions ces organismes, entreprises et centres de recherche pour la confiance témoignée à l'égard d'un partenariat avec la Chaire de recherche T3E de l'École de technologie supérieure.


For industrials

The mandate of an industrial research group or center relates to the fundamental research that leads to increased scientific knowledge. However, one of the leading components of the t3e Group is to support the communities it serves.

We work mostly in Canada but are involved in projects that go beyond our national borders.

Our partners are industries that require expertise not available in traditional consulting firms when specific work in energy technology and energy efficiency is required. 

It is possible to be partners in several ways, depending on your activities and your interests in the activities of the t3e research Group. Universities and companies are becoming financial, operational and / or research partners each year. Because of tax credits in Canada that cover all indirect costs of research, we offer services abroad that are more competitive.

Finally, if your project may allow reductions in GHG emissions, it is possible to recover these funds to finance long-term collaboration.

The t3e group is responsible for writing the initial draft of a project (which you would endorse). Then the Group can also organize a meeting with the tax credits specialists, the search for external funding, writing grant applications and obtaining carbon credits. Each research project has its project manager and may involve one or more researchers according to its magnitude.

The t3e Group provides its specialized equipment and infrastructure when they are appropriate. Finally, the group operates on a turn key basis meaning that the contributions to projects are annual and unique for its duration.

Wherever you are in the world, feel confident knowing our international network of expertise is here to help. Contact us to discuss the advantages of doing business with us.

Looking forward to building the future with you,


Daniel R. Rousse, ing., Ph.D.
  Titulaire / Head / Director
Chaire de recherche industrielle en technologies de l'énergie et en efficacité énergétique (T3E)
Industrial research chair in technologies of energy and energy efficiency (T3E)
Cátedra de investigación industrial en tecnología de la energía y eficiencia energética (T3E)
Updated : 2018-01
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