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T3E - Chaire de recherche industrielle
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Nous remercions ces organismes, entreprises et centres de recherche pour la confiance témoignée à l'égard d'un partenariat avec la Chaire de recherche T3E de l'École de technologie supérieure.



Through our undergraduate studies (Canada, USA, Mexico) or license (Europe), when one decides to undertake their graduate studies (Masters), and especially their doctoral (PhD), they are making a different choice of practice that their professional degree allows them to achieve. This choice offers extensive career opportunities despite its specific specialization. This must be done with a clear motivation, after careful consideration, because these studies are both exciting and challenging.

If you are excited by the themes of renewable energy, energy savings, reduction of human impacts on the environment and advancing social acceptance of green energy technology and stimulates then you are on the right site. If you are one of the top 10% to 15% of your class, then we are looking forward to receiving your application (cover letter, resume, grades transcript, letter of recommendation and a personal technical report to assess your writing abilities). T3e only accepts foreign students at the Ph.D. level and having their own partial or total scholarship to cover their expenses. This enables the Group to provide a better and much diversified environment for work (conferences, seminars, portable computer, computer, experimental apparatus, travel expenses, special courses, etc). Ph.D. starts in September only and one should prepare his application at least 6 to 12 months in advance.

The industrial research group in energy technologies and energy efficiency (t3e) is a fertile field in which to develop your full potential. With a national and international team and diversified relations with the energy industry, the t3e Group continually proposes projects to expand and challenge your talents and your aspirations.

Another consideration is that French is the official language of Quebec. Hence mastering French will help very much!

See "For students" section.

The research partners of the t3e Group are researchers from all backgrounds who share the values promoted by the group: Satisfaction, Excellence, Respect, Vision, Innovation, Creativity, Team work (Esprit d'équipe) that is SERVICE. They come from laboratories, schools, universities and research centers nationally and internationally. If you think you can benefit from collaboration and bring new ideas to our research topics, contact us.

As an associate member, you can look forward to becoming an integral member of a dynamic, multidisciplinary and committed team.
For information:

See "For scientists" section.

We are always looking for partners such as groups or research laboratories, industrial groups, commercial consulting firms, engineering consulting, economic development agencies or financial institutions. The value of a university research group comes from the commitment and diversity of partners involved in its projects.

A collaboration with a research group such as t3e ensures you maximize the amount of subsidies and tax credits for each eligible project.

If one of the areas of research or any projects, ongoing or in the past appears relevant to the development of your business, please contact us:

See "For industrials" section.


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